The Morals of the Easter Season

Easter came quite early this year. Hardly had we recovered from the carnival season, we found ourselves under the spell of chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and baking ingredients. Even though Easter traditions have been losing their importance increasingly, this is not noticeable in the sales of Easter confectionary.

 ’ It is pretty obvious that the sales of quality milk chocolate products have been  gaining more and more ground  in this period.’ – said Éva Temesi ,  Next Unio’s buyer for seasonal products. In her view, along with the sales of traditional Easter bunnies and eggs; waffles, lollipops and dragée candies in Easter wrappings have been spreading, too, as the sales of such sweets have shown a 100% growth. Out of those manufacturers specializing in seasonal products, the ones capable of  providing the lower price level  could prevail more, which meant a 20% growth in the market of ’discount’ products. In the milk chocolate market, price is typically a less important factor, premium products sell better here. Those who buy baking chocolates, however, are price sensitive, and they typically look for cheaper products. Housewives have updated their recipe booklets and instead of baking chocolate-coated cakes, they have started to bake cakes suitable for taking on trips, since the sales of baking chocolates and chocolatey  strands have remained the same on the wholesale level, but the sales of other baking ingredients, for example cocoa,  have grown.