Csokimax expands its activities as Vegyimax

Csokimax Hungary Ltd., a member firm of Next Unio, has almost 20 years experience in the field of confectionery wholesale distribution. A new stage in the development of the firm was when  it added Vegyimax Ltd., a chemical products distributor,to its portolio  in the autumn of 2015.

The thus extended group of firrms awaits its customers at one site so that they can purchase the required products quickly, easily and at a reasonable price. However, the developments do not end here. The group of firms will soon be developing a new newsletter sending system and online ordering site to make shopping even more convenient and to further enhance the quality of their services. And the new developments will come with a new image.  The firm logo has also been changed, meanwhile having kept the traditions which go back nearly 20 years. The colours and the vitality, which are typical of the firm group, have remained. The Csokimax Logo we are used to, has required only a few changes to become youthfully dynamic. Naturally, the appearance of the sister store has acted on this, which in the case of Vegyimax too, is the guarantee for quality, a wide range of products and the high standard of services.                       
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